TDL Energie GmbH

Company Portrait

Headquartered in Neumuenster, Germany, TDL Energie GmbH has made a name for itself throughout Germany in the field of operation and service for landfill leachate treatment plants as well as landfill gas treatment plants. Since 2013 our range also includes production of landfill leachate treatment plants (such as reverse osmosis plants, membrane bioreactor plants, and activated carbon plants) as well as landfill gas plants (such as gas booster stations and high temperature flares). This enables us to find customer-oriented solutions.

We are working with municipalities, private landfill operators and companies with varying water treatment technology in Germany and Europe. More than 40 projects have successfully been implemented among others in Germany, Europe, and Latin America.

Our team at TDL Energie consists of experienced engineers, technicians and business people, who build and operate cost-efficient and high-quality plants. At our facilities in Neumuenster we manufacture plant technology that is characterized by high quality and operator convenience.

High customer satisfaction and technical innovation combined with excellent price-performance-ratio are the principle and goal of our work.