TDL Energie GmbH

Integrative solutions for complex requirements

We see the complex requirements that our customers are presently being subjected to, as a result of the constantly changing technical, legal and environmental requirements, as challenges to which we have to find innovative and reliable solutions.

Planning, production, delivery, assembly, commissioning, service, maintenance and operation all from a single source.

Our wide range of services and more than 30 years’ experience make us one of the leading companies in the water treatment plant sector (e.g. reverse osmosis plants, nano-filtration, membrane biochemical reactors, micro-/ultra-filtration, activated carbon plants) and gas treatment facilities (e.g. landfill gas plants, gas compressor stations, lean gas and high-temperature flare stacks).  

Our innovative water and gas treatment technologies are currently being used in Germany, Europe, Russia, North Africa and South America.