Rental Plants

Our big pool of reverse osmosis plants and landfill gas CHPs enables us to provide rental plants at short notice.

We manufacture containerized reverse osmosis plants ranged from a capacity of 50 m³/d to 250 m³/d. Due to their plug-and-play technology the plants can be installed easily and are operable within days. These plants are especially suitable when larger amounts of leachate need to be treated quickly (e.g. due to reconstruction works at the landfill etc.). A number of such rental projects have already been realized in Germany and Europe.

Our experienced maintenance and service personnel is responsible for maintenance and service of the rented plants including the provision of the necessary spare parts. The remote control used by our company enables our personnel to react quickly to errors in the plant operation.

Our customer on site is only responsible for the supply of the plant with consumables, chemicals and wear parts as well as the daily operations of the plant.

Our contact details

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